Julz Evans is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Their music is an honest, emotionally confronting dispense of 
folk-rock-pop-roots-indie indulgence; it is a moody culmination of their past experience on classical piano, guitar, tuned percussion and bass guitar.


They are currently playing with The Bad Moods: band members Ellen Duhig on cello, Jade Stevens on guitar/harmony and Emily Chen on bass/harmony. The focus is on achieving rich harmonic textures and contrasting but not
over-cooked dynamics.


Their debut EP "This Is The Rain" (produced by Roberto Giddio) was released in 2014 featuring a string quartet. Following a succesful crowdfunding campaign to create a full-length album, Julz Evans began recording “Until It Hurts And Then Some” with Giddio, releasing the title track single and “So Many Words” in 2015. After touring predominantly as a 5-6 piece band, they have reworked and rearranged the album songs with a new group of musicians in preparation to record with producer Jessicca Bennett at Love Shack Studios.

Throughout 2016 and 2017 they have been recording a new record with the working title “Gestation EP”, also with Jessicca Bennett at Love Shack Studios. The video recording for the track “As Far As I Can Tell” was recorded and filmed live in the studio on 23 February 2017.


Julz Evans is currently in the local bands Erin Will Be Mad (bass guitar/vocals),
Edith Lane (bass guitar) and Eaglemont (bass guitar/vocals).