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Julz Evans is a trans musician and songwriter based in Naarm/Melbourne, originally from Perth.


Social Cues is the first release from his upcoming “Gestation” EP. Ever felt like everything will be ok if you could just get a few days to yourself out of town? Then returned from the trip with the exact same problems? Maybe he was missing social cues due to stress and a poor relationship dynamic, or maybe just due to his autism. This bittersweet folk-pop ditty is the first song in a collection of 5, his voice shortly after starting testosterone/hormone replacement therapy. Each song’s vocals were recorded a few months apart to show the deepening of his voice on T.


The EP (recorded at Love Shack Studios, Footscray) is largely a folk composition, written on acoustic guitar and featuring the usual band instruments plus cello, violins, rich harmonies and an accordion as things start getting darker.

Click here to order GESTATION (on vinyl or digital)

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